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Peau Vive’s revolutionary eco-protective treatment is the result of studies into the skin’s natural defenses against external agents. Designed primarily to safeguard the skin against sunlight and pollution, Peau Vive Eco-Protective products also aid in maintaining and strengthening the natural protective barrier of the epidermis. Only when the skin is properly eco-protected can it rediscover its natural balance and harmony. Peau Vive’s Eco-Protective mechanism contains CPA, the world’s first photo-cyto-immuno-protective substance. Ideal for a broad spectrum of skin types, it interacts with a complex of Soya and sunflower extracts to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and defend it against free radicals and environmental pollutants. In addition, it provides effective protection against harmful solar rays without depriving the skin of the beneficial effects of the sun and vitamin D. In today’s polluted environment and with our depleting ozone layer, eco-protecting the skin has become a vital measure.
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