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Cleansing Program

Dust, perspiration, sebum and pollutants are deposited on the skin every day, creating a barrier that stifles the skinís natural breathing process.  Peau Vive uses RZD COMPLEX, a compound of substances derived from 3 plant roots: comfrey, licorice and burdock.   Proper daily skin cleansing with Peau Vive products removes impurities without depleting the hydro-lipidic film and prepares the epidermis to assimilate subsequent Peau Vive treatments.

RZD Complex
Through the Synergy of its components, this botanical complex enhances the skin by the following actions:

  • Anti Irritating, soothing, calming
  • restoring and Softening
  • Hydro-Retaining

Symphytum officinate L.

glabra L.

majus L.

Hydro-Balancing Program

One of the skinís extraordinary protective mechanisms is the hydro-lipidic film, secreted to help the skin retain moisture.  Environmental factors and our modern living conditions conspire to rob the skin of this substance, and the result is a dry, tough and vulnerable skin.  A unique Peau Vive discovery - an extract of milk and honey called HMP - combats hydro-lipidic film loss by stimulating the moisture-creating process and reinforcing the skinís acid barrier.  Used after cleansing, the Hydro-Balancing Program prepares the skin for further Peau Vive applications.



Comparative laboratory and sensation tests on:

  • Moisturization level change vs. time

Eco-Protective Program

Peau Viveís revolutionary eco-protective treatment is the result of studies into the skinís natural defenses against external agents.  Designed primarily to safeguard the skin against sunlight and pollution, Peau Vive Eco-Protective products also aid in maintaining and strengthening the natural protective barrier of the epidermis.   Only when the skin is properly eco-protected can it rediscover its natural balance and harmony.  Peau Viveís Eco-Protective mechanism contains CPA, the worldís first photo-cyto-immuno-protective substance.  Ideal for a broad spectrum of skin types, it interacts with a complex of Soya and sunflower extracts to strengthen the skinís natural protective barriers and defend it against free radicals and environmental pollutants.  In addition, it provides effective protection against harmful solar rays without depriving the skin of the beneficial effects of the sun and vitamin D.  In todayís polluted environment and with our depleting ozone layer, eco-protecting the skin has become a vital measure.




Restorative Program

The Peau Vive restorative program addresses the specific skin conditions through a combination of clinical treatments and home care.  Once the skin type and conditions are analyzed, the following steps ensure maximum results:

  • Cleansing program according to skin type.
  • Hydro-Balancing Program according to skin type.
  • Eco-Protective Program.
  • Restorative Program, both specific to the skin condition

    1)  Protection

    2)  Barrier Function

    3)  Skin Active Lipids

    4)  Moisturizing action

    5)  Epidermis renewal

    6)  Anti free radicals

    7)  Blood stimulating action/ energizing

    8) Eutrophics

    9) Dermis moisturizing action

    The restorative phase of the Peau Vive treatment method is clearly the most articulated, characterized by the highest specificity, and the one whose conception and realization took the most research, time and experimentation.  For each of the biological mechanisms actually causing the skin condition to take care of, the Peau Vive researchers came up with a peculiar complex of active substances capable of interacting with the skin. The Restorative Program, radically intervening on a particular skin condition through a proven method of relaxing clinical treatments and home care products, represents the advanced method to help the skin recover its natural balance and beauty.

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