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Welcome to Peau Vive

We are a company that believes in the value of harnessing the power of nature and the necessity of respecting its beauty. A company whose naturally derived, dermatologist-tested formulations infuse the skin with the health and vitality it needs to thrive in today's challenging world.

Located in Rome, Italy, Peau Vive is a new company whose essential character is inspired by centuries of the finest European aesthetic traditions and shaped by months of intensive laboratory research. Under the direction of Dr. Franco Gasparri, one of the world's leading environmental protective cosmetic chemists, testing and final formulation of Peau Vive products have resulted in products we believe set a whole new standard of excellence in skin care products.

Peau Vive is a breakthrough in both areas, scientifically researched, tested and proven skin care formulations made from naturally occurring substances and plant extracts. No pesticides are used during the cultivation of plant extracts which are harvested at peak maturity to ensure the highest potency active ingredients. With no animal extracts or alternatives with no animal testing. All active ingredients are free of heavy metals, and contain no artificial fragrances or colouring agents.

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