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Our belief that aesthetic beauty begins with good health is reflected in the
formulation of our products. We only create products made with naturally occur-
ring plant-based ingredients and atural active substances - Peau Vive lotions,
creams, concentrates and balms surpass the finest traditions of European

Peau Vive products help the skin regenerate and protective mechanisms itself
from the potentially damaging effects of today's stressful lifestyle with environ-
mental aggressions and oversure of unnaturally occurring substances found in
many other skin treatments.

Peau vive into the 21st century

Radiant, healthy skin reflects true beauty and well-being; unfortunately, our skin is constantlly being challenged by the environment. Peau Vive safeguards the skin from the ravages of modern living, providing the Consumer with the finest Italian professional skincare.

Peau Vive also pledges to respect the environment in every possible way, and it is for this reason that enormous care has been taken in the selection of every single raw material, packaging component, work process, in order to ensure that the product is totally compatible with the highest safety parameters and ecological standards.

...the Peau Vive program is dedicated to improving the health of the skin by stimulating the skin's inherent regenerative powers. This was exactly what I desired to compliment my medical treatments.
Barbara Loiskandl, MD
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